vellum weaving tablets

The tablet edges are 6 cm long - perfect for weaving and large enough for special techniques such as weaving with tablets that stand on their corners. The material is calf-skin vellum from one of the last traditional vellum manufacturers in Germany. The tablets have rounded corners and large holes for the warp threads.

In contrast to leather tablets, vellum tablets have not yet been found in the archaeological record, but they are a natural choice for tablets for complex bands made with thin threads and many tablets. A closer look at the finds of leather tablets would be interesting to determine if they were originally vellum tablets that in fact underwent a tanning process while buried in the earth.

Vellum is a strong, tough material that won't break, in contrast to tablets made from wood or horn. The vellum surface is smooth, and in spite of their stiffness, the tablets are flexible enough to give a little, if necessary, while weaving. For this reason, the tablets are highly suitable for making bands from historical materials, for demonstrations in museums, and because of their minimal thickness, they make weaving bands with many tablets manageable. For all who are searching for a historically plausible substitute for cardboard tablets, vellum tablets are the first choice.

The tablets are made completely by hand from 0.6-0.7 mm thick calf-skin vellum. The material can be marked or written upon without a problem. Price is for one tablet.

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