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I’m working on it.

If you want to know what “it” is today, it’s both the Call for Papers/Call for Workshops for this year’s Textile Forum as well as the tent for the market stall.

Writing the call for takes so long because, well, there are quite a few changes in comparison to last year, and we don’t want to give a wrong impression by hastily written information.

And making the tent… well, everybody who has ever planned the construction of a tent/stall and then sewn that tent by hand knows how long that can take. Add to this the additional problems and challenges popping up – like the waterproofing issue – and it’s no wonder that progress is slow. But it is there. After taking a nice, hot bath

the tent fabric is now completely dry again, and today it’s time to test the construction basics by putting up the “framework”. Most of the connections for putting up the wooden part will be temporary and provisional, since the tent structure has no stand-alone, rigid framework, but relies on combining wood and fabric. But I need to get a proper, hands-on evaluation of how large the inner space will feel in the completed tent, and I also need to mark where to put diverse bits and pieces for the construction on the fabric. So up it must go.

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