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Friday! Yay!

It’s finally Friday, and we’re looking forward to a nice weekend (hopefully with okay weather too) for spending time with visiting friends and family. Bonus effect: The study is now much more orderly again. Added bonus effect: We will have yummy brownies. Next added bonus effect: We might be able to get some of the unknown plants in our garden identified by people who know them. (For the record, I have a very easy way to deal with unknown plants: I leave them in until they bloom, and then I decide whether I like them or not. I like them – they stay. I don’t like them – they get ripped out, and off to the compost they go.)

And while I’m wondering over unknown plants here, I have a fitting link: A blog with medieval riddles, each one of them in the original Old English/Anglo-Saxon, then translated into modern English, and then the solution. There’s also notes to each of the riddles. The blog is fittingly called The Riddle Ages.

I have never been good at solving riddles like these (probably partly because of little practice, riddles are just not so much en vogue hereabouts anymore), but for those of you who want to try their brains, beware of spoilers – the solution is directly below the last line of the translated riddle, and the comments or notes that are posted as blog entries after the riddles (so they turn up before on the blog) also mention the solution or possible solutions.

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2 Responses to Friday! Yay!

  1. My husband has a page about how to make your own riddles in the same style that might be of interest or aid to you:

  2. I love the page you posted about, though. The riddle it discusses is beautiful, and the post explains it well.

    (I should have said this the first time. Oops.)

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