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Wash it away!

Somehow, these last few months have been more crazy and subjectively much shorter than they should have been. Life is, somehow, crazy – even though there is not that much going on (or at least that’s what I tell myself). However, my to-do list is growing faster than I can cut it down to size again, there’s workmen in the house this week to fix some windows (consequently making some noise, that’s not helping), and I’m sadly behind on my reading. My day needs more hours! (Or my hours need more productivity… but I’m not doing so very badly, my timetracker says.)

Maybe I just need to wash my brain into total complete productivity mode. Speaking of washing: There’s a Viennese living history group wishing to tackle exactly that. The “Wienische Hantwërcliute 1350” have a nice (German) article about washing in the late Middle Ages on their blog, and they got a colleague to make them a washing paddle according to medieval sources. Nice!

While you are thinking about clean, white fabric now (at least I am, sort of), Teffania thinks about white dresses that are not white dresses on her blog. White garments like these are definitely candidates for a good wash if you wear them on events with rain!

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One Response to Wash it away!

  1. Firiel says:

    thank you vor linking Katrin!

    I hopefully find some sparetime those days to write more about the history of soap production, as I have been doing some research at the national library here in Vienna – and actually it is more pleasing doing research as trying to recreate soap without any soap production experience (horrorifiiiic!!!).
    As soon as we have been to the Kanzach middle of July I hopefully have some "actionphotos" with our new washingpaddle! 🙂

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