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Nothing to read? Let me help you.

I have found a nice alternative to keeping a gazillion tabs open – it’s a “read later” add-on to the browser. So blog-interesting stuff (or “perhaps blogworthy”) gets added into that list. Which is nice, and keeps the browser a bit more tidy, but has the downside of also growing into a long list… and that means it’s time to throw links at you again.

First of all, is a collection page for all kinds of blogs concerned with archaeology/cultural heritage/museums and technology related blog, so it’s a good way to get an overview about stuff that is happening in the archie blogosphere. They are collecting new blogs to add into their site as well, so if you have an archaeology-centred blog, it’s double worth taking a look.

Speaking of overview: JURN is where you can search for free online e-publications. It says about itself: “A curated academic search-engine, indexing 4,507 free ejournals in the arts & humanities.” It’s basically running a Google custom search for you, and all the stuff it finds is accessible at no cost.

Via ancientworldonline there’s mention of a new, open-access e-journal called “Living Past”. While I have not found much about the journal on the page linked, there is a dissertations archive available in that same corner of the ‘net, published in original language (most often Italian) and with English summaries.

If you are still reading, chances are that you will be interested in this as well: Working in what now seems to be called the “digital humanities”,  sometimes calls for a programme, gadget, or other possibility to collect, process and analyse data. Bamboo DiRT is a collection of digital research tools for the arts, humanities and social sciences, and hosts a large collection of all kinds of… things for use in research.

That’s it for today – have fun wasting your time finding exciting new stuff via these links!

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  1. Katrin, you are full of useful bits of information. The 'Read it Later' add-on is something I've been wishing for for ages. Thankyou!

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