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Spinning benchmarks.

Technically, today is a holiday – but I am planning to sneak some textile-related, not entirely non-work into my day. Such as finally working some more on that hairnet that is not quite finished, but coming along nicely. And some more spinning.

Speaking of which – I have tried out a new spinning technique that I finally got to understand well enough to give it a go the day before yesterday. It’s the one described in Kathelyne’s blog (hint: I watched the videos, and that’s what made it click for me).

I am absolutely, utterly in love with that technique, so much that I spent quite a bit of time spinning yesterday. This morning, I made a benchmark test similar to the spinning tests I did before – I have not looked at the spinning angle yet, but I have managed to spin 18 m of thread in half an hour, with high twist. That’s not too bad for a technique that I started out with just two days ago, and I have quite a bit of hope that speeding it up a bit more will be possible…

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3 Responses to Spinning benchmarks.

  1. Panth says:

    I love the technique too. Experiment to see how quickly you can progress to being able to walk and spin. In my experience it is very quick.

  2. Arachne says:

    It's so funny – I haven't kept up with your blog for quite some time, and now when I sift through old posts I realise that we both must have started with the hand-held spindle/distaff technique almost simultaneously! 🙂

    I came back from the Ronneburg event in September and had finally had enough of "not spinning like they do in all the manuscripts", found Kathelyn's blogs and off I went!

    After about 50 grams of spun thread I feel that I handle it well enough, although my drafting is still a little too uneven for my liking with a surprise bump or two in the thread as a result.

  3. Yay for this technique – and it's truly funny we started at about the same time.
    How about a little video of yourself, in the spinstats group in Ravelry, and we can compare techniques?

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