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Random thoughts.

I’ve barely started on the current big project, and first complications have already arisen, hooray – there is an issue with the fabrics I had planned to order. If I am lucky, I can get very similar replacements for them. If not… well. We shall see. At least it starts out quite, quite interesting.

There are bits and pieces I can get started on, though, and I am firmly planning to do so today, with just one single other point on my agenda.

(Sorry for the vagueness – if things work out, I’m planning to de-vague it soon, and you will be along for the ride.)

So while I’m feeling a little torn about how things will work, here are some scattered random links for you.

The Yarn Harlot writes about a baby sweater, and how only love could buy it. Yes. This. (Fits right in with the Fair Prices stuff that I blatantly plugged again yesterday.)

If you read German, Archaeologik posts about an excavation of a modern ceramic firing pit (pit was courtesy of a school project). If you don’t read German, there’s piccies.

Random fact of the day: I’m still doing yoga. My standard go-to site is, which I still highly recommend. There are pay-for sites that are by far not as nice as that one. And online yoga is a business with quite a bit of money to be made, as noticed by a company called YogaGlo… who have, apparently, patented a certain layout of the room for video classes.
This has led to hubbub and kerfluffle with the other yoga class sites, among them Yoga International. How is that interesting for you, you ask? Go read their open letter – and then you might want to enjoy their offer of all their classes for free (offer stands with undisclosed end time, but probably not forever).

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