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More from LonCon.

LonCon was lovely, as I already told you. Unfortunately, as announced on the LonCon website, the next two worldcons will both be in the US of A – way, way too far away for me to go. (Seems that there is a very strong bias towards Worldcon in the US, something that has been criticised before – why call it “Worldcon” if it’s “Mostly Americon”?)

I do hope it will be in Europe again in 2017, and I don’t care whether it’s Helsinki or Dublin. Both are comparatively fast and easy to reach from good ol’ Germany, as opposed to about anywhere in the States.

But enough moaning – here’s one more gem that made us laugh and go “ooh” in awe, both at the same time. Diagonally across from our table, on the front end of the next table island, sat an artist demonstrating her work: SoMK. She was featured on the LonCon Artist list, but of course I didn’t read that. She had things in the art show, but I almost didn’t manage to go in there in time… so I feel lucky that her table was so close to ours, or I might have missed her. Go look at her art on Deviantart – I especially loved this one, and it was even possible to buy a postcard with the print. SoMK also has a flickr collection.

(If you fall in love with one of her pieces – there are prints of a few of them, and there’s a message function in Deviantart. Also, the originals in the LonCon art show were very, very fairly priced in my opinion, should you prefer an original…)

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