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A bleg. To handweavers.

It’s been some time since I posted the last bleg, I think – and things have lined up in a way that, well, blegging you for information seems the thing to do.

As you probably know, I am not a weaver. I do know a few weavers, but not enough for a proper survey… and that is just what I would like to get.

The survey is connected to yarns (I’m working on a spinning paper, after all) and hopefully, it will let me either toss my subjective impression on what is used for weaving, or will corroborate it. Either way, it will be very helpful for me to see what is used.

So, here it is. The Survey. If you are a weaver, I would very, very much appreciate your help – please fill it out, and pass it on to your weaver friends. If you are no weaver, but have weaver friends, I would also very much appreciate your help – please pass it on to your weaver friends and ask them to fill it out and pass it on to their friends. Or copy the rest of this post, from “Handweaver Survey” on down, and post it on your blog, weaver’s newsletter, or similar communication gateway. The more input I get, the better – if I can get more than 20 answers, it starts to get seriously useful for research purposes.

Thank you so much.

Handweaver Survey

Background Questions:

What kind of loom or weaving frame do you use?

How much, approximately, do you weave per year?

Have you woven custom work for others?

Have you woven for a museum display, living history purposes, or similar?

Weaving Questions:

How important is choosing the yarn type (grist, fibre types, hard or soft spun, single or plied, spinning direction) for you when you design or plan a weaving project?

What yarns do you usually choose for weaving – plied or single yarns?

Please measure the twist angle/ply angle of your most commonly used yarn (you can find an explanation of twist angle here, together with an instruction on how to measure it); with the measurement, make sure to state whether it’s the singles twist or a ply angle:

Are you interested in historical (pre-industrial) fabrics?

Have you ever tried to re-create such a fabric?

Have you woven with high-twist singles in warp, weft, or both?

If yes:
Did they have a spinning angle of 30° or more?

Was it difficult to source these yarns?

How was it different from weaving with lower twist singles or plied yarns?

Can you share any tips or warn of any special difficulties?

Once you have answered these questions, you can get them to me either by email to, or post the answers to the survey on your blog and post the link to your blogpost in the comments here:

Again, thank you for helping me by filling out this survey! If I can get enough answers, I’ll write up a proper report and post it on this blog.

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