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Pictures from Freienfels.

Freienfels was uncommonly picture-heavy – as usual, we stood together with a few friends, one of them a woodworker. Who was in need of a few nice pictures of his equipment and himself while working… so I took the opportunity, brought my camera, and had a lot of fun documenting different woodworking techniques.

Working with a drawknife…

there’s a very special kind of beauty to really sharp tools doing their thing with wood.

There also were axes, protected by sheaths made after a find from Haithabu…

… and irons of different sizes and shapes for finishing troughs.

Of course there were also a few photos that I did not shoot myself, such as this one – spinning on my bench with distaff-holder, in front of my trusty little market stall.

And a closer look at the table with goods:

I did a lot of spinning this weekend, trying out a theory regarding spindle whorls. Added bonus for this? A very special photo – the light and shadows of spinning!

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2 Responses to Pictures from Freienfels.

  1. What a beautiful setup and demonstration! How did you get the spindle to hang off the distaff like that?

  2. Thank you, Adrienne! To hang the spindle off the distaff, I use the already-spun thread and hook it over the needle fixing the distaff band; alternatively, I hook it over the distaff top. As long as the thread has enough friction on the things it touches to hold the spindle weight, and the spindle is in contact with the distaff in a way that keeps it from rotating and thus untwisting the thread, this works just fine.

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