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Friday Linkfest.

There’s a huge stack of links I want to share with you!

A German archaeologist, specialising on excavation and research of gallows squares and other places of execution, is trying out crowdfunding for her upcoming excavation project. You can take a look at the (German) page here – it definitely is an interesting excavation, and I hope she’ll succeed with her funding!

Ferguson Municipal Public Library has received the award for the “Library of the Year”. The article shows what a library can be and do for the public – that award was really deserved!

You might have stumbled across an article telling you that chocolate can help weight loss during the last months – it was all over the internet, and apparently all over print media, too. That study was actually a half-hoax – it was intended to show how unreliable pseudo-studies will have an impact on diet fads and public opinion, revealed by the author about two weeks ago. Let’s hope this helps, because what John Bohannon writes about the many studies that tell you anything you wish is unfortunately true… fat is good for you, fat is bad for you, carbohydrates are good for you, bad for you, … there’s studies to prove all this. More or less, that is.

The Sad Puppies Hugo thing is still making waves.
Related to that, Kameron Hurley has a rant on her blog that I found well worth reading.

The Middle Ages’ love for colour extended to the subtle colouring of gold alloys – as evident on the Shrine of Our Lady of Huy, c 1260. A group of researchers has studied recipes and the actual colouring of the shrine. (Linked article contains link to the actual study paper behind the Maney paywall.)

Genevra Kornbluth has a photo archive about “luxury arts” online, including many museum objects dating back to the Middle Ages.

And if that was not enough of a Linkfest for you, go over to Phiala’s blog – she has linkage, too.

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