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Our Blog Tour has started!

I’m happy to announce the first post of our blog tour, over at the Travelling History blog. Gillian and I went through our photo archives for this one, and we hope you’ll enjoy the pictures.

Our book was also mentioned in an article in the Western Telegraph, along with several other books about the Middle Ages.

Let’s stay book-related – there’s an open access ebook about words and language called Medieval Hackers. If you’re interested in language and history of words and wording, give it a look.

And still staying with books, though from a slightly different angle, I found this article about the Kubler-Ross Model of Grief Associated with Editing and Rewriting utterly hilarious. And oh so true! I remember that time my phd thesis draft got completely pulled apart, resulting in a huge re-write and some re-ordering. I was devastated, and annoyed, and then even more annoyed (but differently) when I realised that all the criticism was, indeed, valid points and the book could be so much better if I did those edits. Similar things happened in other areas – I’ve done layouting and thought that my choice of fonts was fine, until someone came along and told me “I’d rather recommend that”. Well, what shall I say? He was utterly right.

The good thing about getting edits, and getting over it – after the first few times of running through the phases, it gets easier and easier to take that deep breath and think “well, I’ll just try the recommended edit on for size, I can always change it back if it’s not better than it is now”. (Not surprisingly, it usually was better after the change my editors suggested. I’m a lucky one to have had these editors!)

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