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Birds of prey, blogtour links, and other stuff.

Somehow my email inbox keeps exploding over and over again. Just when I’m thinking that it’s back under control again… well.

Other work also keeps exploding, and I’m starting to wonder how so many things could pile up. (Well, I do have a rough idea. It has something to do with saying “yes” to a few things, which are all well and nice and surely worth the time and work, but they have somehow ganged up on me and decided to descend all at once.) Organising the Textile Forum is one of the things (the programme needs updating again, and we have to finalise the plans for this years’ small experiment); I have an article to write (which is due end of October), and there’s stuff to put away and things to photograph for the shop.

There’s also the task of re-designing the website and getting a new layout for the shop that urgently needs doing. Progress on that is… um… slow. (I have some help, however, so at least I’m not feeling all alone and overwhelmed with this.)

In news more interesting than my perpetually too-full list of things to do, the British Library has a very nice post about hawking on their blog.

There’s a very nice comic thingie on Veritable Hokum about colours.

Our blogpost from the Beast blog tour on Monday is online at Lady Jane Grey Reference Guide.

Finally, has anyone heard of Mass Mosaic yet? It seems to be a new platform to exchange, sell or get stuff.

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