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Cool things in links.

First link of the day: the blogtour goes on, this time at nerdalicious!

More reading? There’s an ethesis available about the “Usage and meaning of early medieval textiles“. 

There’s an academic article about the origins of cosplay (behind a paywall, sadly).

There seems to be an US series called “Homeland”. I’ve just heard about it, because there seems to be a lot of islamophobia hanging out in that thing, and the makers of the show have sort of showed off their stupidity and provided a platform for criticism in their show at the same time. Essentially, they hired people to spray Arabic graffiti on the walls of their set – and those people sprayed things like “This show does not represent the views of the artists“. Or (another of my favourites) “Homeland is a watermelon” (which indicates it’s either a sham or at least not to be taken seriously). Which, if you ask me, is absolutely, utterly brilliant.
To round off nice and feel-good things in this list, here’s an article about human beings being inherently good. (Which is nice, I think… being stoutly optimistic in the core of my soul.)

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One Response to Cool things in links.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Yes, 'Homeland' has been going for sveral years and series, wowing critics everywhere, to the point that, like Hugh Laurie as 'House' before him, there's apparently a generation who think that Damian Lewis is from the US as this is so established and they've never seen his early work.
    Hence the graffiti news was so amusing when it hit the UK – you'd think that given that it's already a controversial series, someone would have checked…

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