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Seasonal Stuff.

Here we are, rolling inexorably towards the end of the year and the longest night of the year, so here are a few odds and ends if you’re still looking for stuff to add into your personal mix of seasonal things.

First of all, there’s this slightly different song (that has totally become an earworm for me this year), from the other hemisphere where it’s cherry season now, and everything is nice and warm (or even hot) and summery:

If buying stuff and giving it to friends and family is part of your mix, you might still be looking for something? The Yarn Harlot, it seems, is way too swamped this year to give holiday gift suggestions (and good for her that they’ve cut down on everything they don’t really love to do in this season)… but John Scalzi has kept up with his tradition and posted a five-part guide for holiday shopping that lives in the comments, where creators and fans tell you about their things:

Part 1 – Traditionally Published Books
Part 2 – Non-Traditionally Published Books
Part 3 – Creative Gifts (arts, crafts, music, …)
Part 4 – Fan Favourites
Part 5 – Charities

Or maybe you’d just enjoy a gratuitous picture of the silly “stuff on my cat” variety? Here you go:

One cat was slightly irritated for the taking of this picture.

One cat was slightly irritated for the taking of this picture.

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