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What I did over my holidays…

… is turning small plastic things from looking like this:


into looking more like this:


These are minis from the boardgame “Space Cadets – Away Mission“, where you’re playing a group of human rocketeers who have to save our world from the evil alien invasion. The guy in the back right of the pic is a “Thrall”, a subdued human that can be freed. The rest… they’re all proper aliens.

Even though I spent a lot of time painting, I’m not all finished yet. There’s still more aliens to do. This guy is about finished, apart from some minor works that still have to be done:

alien1 alien2

and he has lots of friends in a similar state:


…but there’s about a dozen more of them who are still less finished and need to catch up. Plus there’s another alien race (the bugs) and yet another group (the leaders) and, as the final and crowning project, the hero miniatures.

So I’ll be having some more fun with these things in the next weeks – and I’m already looking forward a lot to the time when all these painted armies hit the table.


Brain in a Jar, anyone?

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