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Here’s what I did yesterday evening…

… apart from some knitting, that is:

I went for a little walk with the most patient of all husbands, entered a building, handed a card over to an elderly lady, and received a sheet of paper with lots of boxes to tick in return.

Boxes were ticked. Then I brought the sheet into another room and handed it over to a guy in a white coat, who stuck something into my ear, asked me a few questions, scribbled some notes on the paper and signed it.

I carried it into yet another room, where yet another guy pricked my ear and did some stamping on the paper and the card, and a third one handed me an aluminum box with a few plastic items in it. And the sheet of paper, joined by a second and third one.

In yet another room (I carried the box there), I lay down on a comfy recliner, told some lady my name and date of birth (while she was looking at the papers), got handed one of the three sheets, and then she stuck a needle into my arm.

About ten minutes later, my right arm looked like this:


The barcode in the wrap matches the barcode on my paperwork and the bag plus the test tubes that my blood went in. It’s more or less just decorative on the arm, though!


And you’ve probably figured it out by now – we went to donate blood. I’ve been doing this since I turned eighteen, with a few years of hiatus inbetween, and it’s a really nice thing to do. We usually team up with a friend or two, which makes this a nice and social evening for us. It’s a good feeling to be able to help somebody else (plus you get your blood checked, and will be informed in case there’s anything really amiss with you), there’s lots of nice and friendly people there, and after the donation you get coffee and a bite to eat. Donating blood also has some health benefits for the donor, so it’s an allround win-win situation. Yay!

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