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Frosty Iris Blossoms.


I nearly forgot to blog today – we had no internet or phone connection for a while, since our connection was upgraded/migrated to another type… thus throwing my typical daily routine into complete disarray. And the fact that my parents just arrived for their stay of a few days’ duration here does not help with getting back into said routine… or on track.

So instead of a proper blogpost, you’re getting a short late one – but at least I have a nice picture of beautifully frost-rimmed iris flowers for you, taken early last morning. Things like this make me feel okay about there still being frost!

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One Response to Frosty Iris Blossoms.

  1. Those are beautiful, frost and all.

    Here, it’s been around 26 degrees C for the past few days. Yes, that’s *very* warm for the Philadelphia area in March, but it’s what the weather’s been like all the same.

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