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Have some Wednesday Links.

It’s the middle of a week! And a shorter one at that – time for some links!

Jane Austen’s novel “Emma” has its 200 year anniversary this year, and there’s an exhibition about it at Chawton House Library, Hampshire, UK. The exhibition will run until September 25, 2016, so if you want to see it, there’s still plenty of time left to plan a trip. If you like textiles (which you probably do, since you are reading this blog), it gets even better: part of the exhibition features contemporary embroideries, inspired by patterns from Austen’s time. This part is called Stitch-Off, and you can read more about it here. If you’re curious about the patterns used, you can find them here, and if your fingers are itching, it’s still possible to join in on the project.

Totally unrelated, but rather funny: the UK is building a new polar research ship and they have invited the public to suggest names for their vessel – with interesting results. The leading suggestion is Boaty McBoatface. (The Council responsible was smart, though, as they are only inviting suggestions – they’ll be free to pick whatever name they like best in the end.)


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