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Back home. With boxes.

I’m back home from the long weekend, and it was a wonderful thing to hang out with this special bunch of friends – as most of us only meet once a year, for just this long weekend. The weather was lovely and sunny, and we managed to get outside to enjoy it, at least a bit… while most of our time was spent indoors, sticking bits of paper to bits of cardboard, with the occasional curse for various reasons (such as one of the bits not being the correct size, not being really true to the angles it should be in, or not sticking where/how it was supposed to be).

Something I find equally fascinating every single time we meet is how the individual preference for things done on that weekend has developed for each of us. We all started out taking the same course on basic hobby book-binding, with the same teacher (in that same youth hostel), some of us a few years earlier, some later – I was one of the last to take the course. So we all started out with the same knowledge, and a similar background. Now everyone has his or her speciality – some like to do books either from scratch or with pre-produced inner parts, some do lots of repair work on books. One of us likes to do a variety of things – boxes, photo albums, booklets, CD covers, with something different every year. One of us usually brings things she binds anew, for better useability, with little regard to how the book or catalogue (much of it are coin catalogues for numismatic purposes) looked originally – useability and practicability are priorities here. On the opposite end of that spectrum, someone else in the group repairs books, taking great care to keep the repairs as unobtrusive as possible, and to conserve as much of the original material as possible.

Me, I’ve been making at least one folder and at least one box per year for a long time now. I love boxes – they are sturdy, they are beautiful, and if you are making them yourself, you can have them any size and any colour and in any design. This year, I made four boxes in identical size:



I had a huge amount of fun doing these, using bits of paper that I like but did not have a lot of anymore… because, you see, these boxes are ridiculously tiny:


That is a 1-Euro-Cent piece hanging out with the boxes there. They are about 2.4 x 4.8 x 2.4 cm in size. See? Ridiculously tiny.


I’m not sure what I will put into these, or whether I will give some of them away. A small USB stick might just fit in one of them, or a small piece of jewellery. They are lovely, however, and I have to giggle whenever I see them, as they are so ridiculously tiny – but still proper boxes, with all the parts that have to be there for it to be a real box. (For the record, it’s 7 pieces of cardboard for each of them, as the lid has two parts; plus 8 pieces of paper to stick onto and into the box (or more, depending on how you handle the inner wall coverings). Small boxes do take a little less time than large boxes, and those felt as if they were very quick to make, but they still do take a noticeable amount of time.

Well worth it, though, if you ask me!

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