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An Assortment of Links!

I have a stack of links to throw at you again – but before that, here’s proof that our garden knows which month we have:


These are called Maiglöckchen in German – which literally translates to “May Bells”. The German language seems to like flower names with a time of year in them – we not only have “Easter Bells” (daffodils) and “May Bells”, but also “Whitsun Roses” (peonies).

Cathy from Loose Threads has something else: a list of tutorials. I haven’t looked at any of them yet, but they range from medieval things to Victorian, and you might just find something that amuses you – or might prove helpful.

Erik Kwakkel at the medievalbooks blog has a fascinating post about medieval scripts, including a picture of a scribe’s advertisement sheet.

Aisling has a list of tablet-woven bands from the Anglo-Saxon and Viking period found in Great Britain and Ireland.

Rainer Schreg has some thoughts about the Vienna Statement about the threat to cultural heritage in the Near East and North Africa. If you want more about that topic and don’t mind a gruesome read, check out Heritage for Peace’s newsletter about damage to heritage sites in Syria.

To end with a lighter note: There’s a new Jane Austen film, “Love and Friendship”, coming to theatres tomorrow. It’s a screenplay adaptation of “Lady Susan” (a short epistolary novel). Here’s an interview with filmmaker Whit Stillman. If you’d like to pass the time until then with more Austen film adaptations, you might want to check out this list.



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2 Responses to An Assortment of Links!

  1. Hi, Katrin! Thanks for taking notice of my latest post; hope it’s helpful to your readers. (I haven’t tried out any of those tutorials either–I’ve spent too much time this spring either sick or busy with taxes.) Have a good day!

  2. Harma says:

    Meadow cress (Wiesen-Schaumkraut) is in Dutch called “Pinksterbloem” something like “Whitsun flower”, although it flowers around Eastern nowadays. Daffodils are in local dialects often called “Poaskebloumen”, Eastern flowers.

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