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Nobilitas-Akademie in November

This November, I’ll be giving a presentation about embroidery at the Nobilitas-Akademie – an event for people doing Living History to meet and learn about a variety of topics.

It will take place in Korbach from November 4 to November 6, with a very varied programme – the presentations range from early towns to social and military aspects of town life to embroidery to local history of Korbach. If that sounds appealing and interesting to you, you can learn more about the Akademie here, and you can also register for it right away on that page.I’ll be presenting after dinner on Saturday Friday, so I should probably try and find some extra weird or fun examples of embroidery, to keep everyone from falling asleep in the after-dinner-slump. What a nice excuse to make even more jokes in the presentation than usual! (I like to make jokes in my presentations and papers. One of the best tips I ever got about preparing a presentation, right at the start of my studies, was “Make jokes. An audience that is laughing is not sleeping.” That is oh so true – plus everyone enjoys a presentation that makes you laugh, and isn’t all bone dry.)

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3 Responses to Nobilitas-Akademie in November

  1. Beatrix says:

    With the ETF starting on November 7 you will be reeeeeealy busy.

  2. Harma says:

    Did they change the program after you posted this yesterday? If I looked correctly, you’re on for Friday evening. Saturday evening is music and dancing.

    Still, a tight fit to do this strait before the Forum.

  3. Katrin says:

    Harma, thank you – the Saturday was a mistake, it should have been Friday from the start. I’ve fixed it in the text.

    And yes, I will be really busy with going straight to the Forum after the Akademie… but sometimes, these dates just have a tendency to clump together, and there’s no way around it.

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