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Embroidery Exhibition

If you are interested in late medieval embroideries, you might consider a trip to Frankfurt this summer to visit the Städelmuseum. From June 22 to September 25, the museum has a special exhibition called “Heaven on Display” with the stunning liturgical artwork from the convent of Altenberg.

The exhibition features not only the paintings and sculptural art, but also the linen embroidery, with the Altenberg pieces coming together from different museums – from New York to St. Petersburg. Getting all the pieces together again will allow a really outstanding impression of the interplay of the many different media used in early fourteenth-century church furnishing. The Altenberg ensemble is unique in that respect, and I’m definitely planning to go see this.

If you can’t make it to Frankfurt, or if you’d like to have a closer look at the individual items first, there’s also an accompanying book available, with texts both in German and in English.

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  1. Kesal says:

    I must bookmark this. I’ll be in Frankfurt for a couple of days in July!

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