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Back from the break.

Here I am… back again. And I have found out that the only downside to a thoroughly wonderful and utterly enjoyable summer break is that it makes it harder to get back into the everyday life and work again… so it’s a good thing that I enjoy what I am doing!

I’ve jumped right back into the preparations for the next events on my agenda, and at the moment, I’m making good use of the splendid weather by getting wool washed and sorted out.


The wool in the picture is Rouge de Roussillon, getting fluffed up. That’s not all, though,  there’s one Rhoen sheep fleece drying currently, and a Valais Blacknose fleece getting a good soak. I’m not sure the Valais will yield spinnable fibres, though – the shearer came very late, and it might be that the fleece became too felted in the meantime.

Only one way to find out, though…

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