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Enter title here, it says.

I’m not entering a title, though. I’m not. Because today is somehow… weird. I did manage to get a stack of stuff done, most of it in preparation for the next fairs, but I’m still feeling way behind, and would have liked to be much, much faster. Story of my life.

Parts of that stack of stuff done today include:

Updating and printing my spinning instructions. (While the downloadable version is available for free through my shop, you get the printed-out instructions in the spinning kit, so I need to print some more from time to time).

Getting together with Gillian for a chat – we’re planning a crossover blog interview in celebration of the Beast’s release as paperback, and it was my turn to get interviewed. I’ll have the pleasure of pestering Gillian with questions next week, and you will see the results here on the blog.

Taking photos of the oil lights in action. I’m still totally in love with these things – they have been produced for ages (the three-bladed swimmer has been made, unchanged, since 1808) and they are just so incredibly nice to use, both for atmospheric lighting and for keeping your tea hot. However, the concept of using these swimmers is rather forgotten today, so people often stand in front of the swimmers at my table, looking puzzled. So I obviously need some explanatory thing to sit around on my stall table at a fair – and this, also obviously, needs photographs.


Atmospheric lighting. With a wineglass, a bit of water and some oil… and the swimmer, of course.


Keeping tea hot. Because life is better with tea, and tea is better when hot. Obviously, right?

Actually that was the main bits I did today, as these things all tend to eat up more time than you’d guess at first. (Photos, in particular. Never underestimate the amount of time needed to take good photos – especially if they involve tricky lighting conditions. Or gold embroidery.) The rest was eaten up by the usual day-to-day things such as sorting out emails and working on the current paper/presentation projects. And having coffee. Plus tea. Tea was obligatory since I had to take teapot warmer pictures!

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