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The best coffee cup ever.

Here’s a truth about me that you probably already know: I really like coffee. (I also really like tea, cats, cakes, and chocolate, though I do not consume cats. As opposed to the other things.) I like the varieties best that have little acidity. I drink it with milk, and like it strong enough to get a good coffee taste with a bit of bitterness, but not too strong – the “French” or “Norwegian” coffee at the Textile Forum is usually too much for me, and I water it down. (A lot.)

I also like coffee cups. There are so many funny, fancy mugs in our household that even though we do have “proper” coffee cups that match the rest of our tableware, we usually grab one of the non-matching mugs. Well, more or less non-matching, as there are a few sets – one with cartoon animals doing seasonal stuff, with the mugs aptly labeled “spring”, “summer”, “autumn”, and “winter”, and one set of two cups where one is “pro!” and the other “contra!”

And from that rich assortment of cups, there are a very few that sort of belong only to the most patient husband of them all (as in only he is using them and we also don’t give them to guests to use), and a few (admittedly a few more) that are mine and mine alone. Because they are my favourites. (One of these, curiously, used to be a favourite of his, until I sort of usurped it, and it has been ages since he last drank out of it.) Another favourite is a raku-ware cup that a friend gave to me on my last birthday, hitting several sweet spots at once – my love for raku and handmade things, my love for nice and rather large cups, and my colour preferences. Yet another one is a souvenir cup I brought home from a visit to a conference in Poland, years ago.

All these have one thing in common – they are a bit or a significant bit larger than the usual coffee mug (which in turn is much larger than a normal coffee cup). There’s just one of my fave mugs that is normal mug-sized… but it’s still the coolest coffee cup ever:


That’s tea stains in the cup. I had a cuppa tea before I had coffee. Sue me.


I bought this a few years ago at the game fair in Essen, in the comics area. It’s the ultimate cup for a coffee-loving archaeologist, and in case you are one or know one or just need that cup too anyways, here’s the webshop where you can get it. (The shop is in German, but it should be straightforward enough.) There are a few more nice cups in that shop, too, and not all of them have a strictly German pun such as this one. (Ziehen, in German, both means “to draw” if you are talking about a gun, and “to steep” if you are talking about tea.) Enjoy. Don’t blame me if you end up with another mug or two. (These things are herd animals anyway. Just like spinning tools. Or bicycles. Right?)

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