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Textile Links.

I spent the day yesterday looking at the embroidered linen altar cloths from the Altenberger Monastery, and they were really, really breathtaking. It took me a good long while to puzzle out how some of the intricate braided stitches were made, and after that I spent another good long while to look at all the stitch patterns to find that there are not so very many – but they are cunningly worked and varied in a way to look like many more different stitches.

As usual for a special exhibition, it was not permitted to take photographs, so you can picture me standing in front of the displays, periodically putting my nose close to the glass, squinting at details, then straightening back up and sketching manically. These altar cloths are large, and they are just filled with embroidery – thousands and thousands of stitches, an incredible amount of work.

If you can go there and have a look, it is really worth it – the exhibition is running until September 25, so there’s still time to pay a visit to Frankfurt.

Speaking of textiles, here are a few links:

Biblical motifs and symbolism in medieval textiles.

By now, you’ve probably heard of it already, but I will post the link to the world’s oldest needle anyways.

And finally, Cathy has an interesting blog article about tutorials for making historical clothing.


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