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Done. Finished. Goal attained. Happy.

Remember, back in January, when I wrote about my weight issues in a long, rambling post? When I started losing weight back then, I set a goal weight number as the finishing line.

It took a good while to reach that number. I was planning to be finished in summer, and though I broke through the border to normal weight according to BMI charts in mid July, the last few kilos to the goal weight I’d set took much, much longer than expected, due to a number of things (among them two weeks of vacation, where I did not eat at a deficit). Basically, I’ve been more or less finished, as in “weight and body fat percentage are in a healthy area now”, for… a good two months? So I’ve started to gradually eat more again, to prepare for maintenance mode and figure out how much I actually need now to stay where I am… still very slowly going down, waiting for the magical number to appear.

This morning, I have seen that number. I am now officially done with the weight loss, and entering maintenance mode, so to say. This little fact has not made it to my brain just yet – I’ve been juuust slightly above the goal number for four weeks now (water retention is nasty!), and it still has to sink in that it is now there.

And now, I guess, it is time for the obligatory before-and-after-pics. So on the left, you see how I looked last winter, before I got going. On the right, you see how I look now, and what I did on Tuesday evening – a friend has infected us with the Boulder Virus a while ago, and we’re now going up the walls about once a week. (Yes, I know, they are not proper before-and-after pics, where you have the same posture and the same clothes and stuff. But I guess you will get the gist.)











So. I did it. It was really simple: count all calories (including every little bit of food and every drink), eat less than you burn, get enough protein, do a bit of sports to keep as much of the muscle mass as possible, and that’s it.  Simple doesn’t mean easy, though, and it was hard sometimes – but it was worth every little bit of effort! Life is much, much better now that I have lost the excess weight. Also… I have a wardrobe full of new clothes (the old ones didn’t fit anymore, apart from a few very old ones that were always tight before).  I have a new hobby (climbing or bouldering are just not as much fun with too much weight to hoist up)… and I even made a new friend in connection with the book that helped me so much – Fettlogik überwinden.

And I’m very, very happy about all this!


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6 Responses to Done. Finished. Goal attained. Happy.

  1. Harma says:

    Well done. That “before” picture brings fond memories. I think you cut quite a few people of it. ;^)
    There have been reports in newspapers over here about new research that claims that being obese doesn’t affect ones lifespan, but losing weight improves ones life quality as you’re proving right now. Just one small thing to do; get caterers and restaurants to offer their dishes in three sizes like our local pizzeria does, small, medium and normal. That way one can choose to order a portion based on personal appetites instead having to feel bad about all the food waste one sees in standard portions.

    • Katrin says:

      I did indeed cut off most of the “before” photo – well spotted ; )
      The lifespan and obesity thing is, as far as I know, due to studies that included fudging factors, such as smokers or previously obese people that died in normal weight because of severe illnesses. Obesity is definitely not healthy, and it has a high probability of reducing lifespan. But yes, apart from that – quality of life is much higher when not carrying around extra weight!
      As to the portion thing – yes, that would be a smart thing. These days, you can get smaller portions in quite a few restaurants here, and if I don’t finish my dish, I just take the rest with me in a doggy bag. (Or a box that I brought with me in advance, knowing I’d likely not finish…)

  2. Martin Fluch says:

    Likewise my congratulations! 🙂

  3. Kareina says:

    Oh, that after picture looks like you were having so much fun! Well done!

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