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Have an old embroidery book.

The next few events are drawing nearer – the European Textile Forum and the Nobilitas-Akademie, so I’m rather busy preparing for these. While the cat, helpful as ever, is sleeping in her cat bed beside my desk, making small adorable sleepy cat noises… that are more an incentive to cuddle her or curl up for a nap than to be as busy as I should be. Oh well.

Since I’m working on the presentation for the Akademie right now, I’m looking at embroidery-related stuff… and I have stumbled across a very early Italian pattern book that is freely available on the net: Alessandro Paganino’s book “Il Burato”. The book was published in 1518 and contains lots of patterns, plus the famous picture on how to transfer patterns to the fabric.

While you’re at the website of the Textile Research Centre in Leiden, to get that pdf, do have a bit more of a look around – there is a lot of content, embroidery- and other textile craft-related, that is really worth exploring!


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