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Links, to Things in German.

It’s been a while since I posted links to German things here, but a few have stacked up, and I find them too interesting to pass them all by. So if you have German (or trust in machine translation), here you go:

Aisling writes about swastika ornaments in Viking tabletweaving. There’s quite a few people using this ornament in their garments etcetera, reasoning that it was “just an ornament” in Viking times. Well, let’s say that going for this kind of ornament in German Living History/Reenactment is always a slightly peculiar choice. Especially since, as Aisling points out in her blog article, there are actually very, very few of these swastika ornaments actually used in tabletwoven bands.

Niko has posted a tutorial on how to make a medieval belt. With lots of pictures, so it might be interesting even if your German is not good.

A book by the Limburg Brothers (best known for the Tres Belles Heures du Duc de Berry) has turned up in Nijmegen – causing a little sensation. (Pictures here, too.)

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