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Need some editing done?

Today’s blog post is different – but in case you need some editing done, it is hopefully also helpful:

My friend and co-author Gillian Polack, known for a list of books both fiction and non-fiction, has an unexpected opening in her schedule… and she is thus taking on editing work (which she normally doesn’t). This will be possible until February 2017, so it’s sort of a special offer.

I’ve had the pleasure of working together with Gillian with her editor’s hat on, so I know that she does a very good (and very thorough) job.

In a similar vein, if you would like her to give you private consultation for your writing, or research, that would be possible per chat (or, I guess, if you’re in Australia or willing to travel there, it might even be possible in person).

If you are interested, you can reach Gillian via this contact form on her website – she’ll give you her rates for the job you are asking for, and you can discuss details with her, too.

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