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Things for your amusement.

The sun is shining, it’s cold outside, and here are things from around the Internet!

There’s a project on indiegogo to get a Mini-Mill from Canada all the way to Iceland, to spin the wool from local sheep into nice yarn. You can support that project starting with a 4 USD donation, and there are multiple perks to get hand-picked wool or yarns. So if you are looking for some really special fibre or yarn… you might find it just there.

Hugo Nomination Season is upon us, and will run until March 17. While I am, as usually, abysmally behind in reading current stuff, I do intend to nominate at least a few things. EscapePod, for one thing – and since there’s some more spinning hours in the weeks ahead, I think I might find one or two more stories from 2016. In the “Best Related Work” category, Gillian Polack’s “History and Fiction” is actually eligible… and I hope to find some more exciting stuff before the deadline. Hints about books and short stories published in 2016 that blew you away are utterly welcome!

While we’re on the topic of reading, Aarhus Press Free Ebook of the month is “Elephants are not picked from trees”, a book with stories about the taxidermied animals in Gothenburg National History museum.

Not free, but available again in digital version after they went out of print: past issues of Experimentelle Archäologie in Deutschland/Europa. You can have a look at the volumes on the EXAR website and click through the “buy” link to land on the publisher’s homepage, where you can buy pdf downloads of individual articles from out of print volumes.

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