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Cat approved!

I forgot the most important thing about the sailcloth in yesterday’s post… it has been cat-approved, as you can see in the picture!


The cat, of course, had to lie down on it when I placed it on the floor to measure out how much it has shrunk during fulling. Obviously it is acceptable as a catplace. (I’d cuddle into that cloth at any moment, too – it really feels wonderful, thick and warm though sturdy.)

Measurements, by the way, changed from 251 cm in length to 235 after washing to 230 after fulling; width shrunk from 52.5 straight off the loom to 48.5 after washing to 43 after fulling. It was relatively gentle fulling, I could have done more – but my sources say “lightly fulled” only.

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  1. Well, now. If your cat approved it, it must be thick and soft indeed!

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