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New unfinished things…

After so many finished things (I also completed a Pirate Roberts hat, and you’ll get a pic of that soon), it is obviously necessary to get some more new things under way. There’s actually two exciting projects coming up, and for one of them, I’m making an upgrade to my weaving equipment… a box loom.

Box looms are basically holders for a rigid heddle, formed like a box, and with a nice reel or winding thing for the warp. There’s an article with notes about the construction on this page here, which served as the basis for my interpretation of the thingamajig.

Mine is, however, differently dimensioned… with a lot more slits in the heddle. I’ve also not crafted it in the workshop, but in a FabLab, and not from ordinary wood, but from plywood and acrylic (because that’s the stuff that is nice to cut with a laser).

As usual with first iterations, it’s a bit… wonky, and there are quite a few things I’d do differently next time. So far, though, it looks like it will be functional (and that’s the main thing after all), and I’ll be testing it soon. Soooon.

Here it is in its half-finished half-glory:


Some more assembly required. It should be up to a bit of weaving by tomorrow evening, though!

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