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Glory and Joy of Planning.

There is a new project coming up (I have hinted at it), and today was full of planning for it – it involves hand-woven fabric again, a whole stack of pieces in different weaves and from different yarns and in different densities, so there’s quite a lot of figuring out to do.

And that was my job today – making a ginormous list of fabrics, going through a huge stack of documentation from the conservation work done on most of the fabrics and scratching my head and cursing fate for those pieces that were not conserved – and are thus not very well documented… which is utterly unhelpful for making a reconstruction.

Anyway, the list is now almost finished – and I really enjoyed this bit of planning work. It just is nice to see how varied those textiles are, and how much work went into them, and how they were used. It’s also nice to have so much good, detailed documentation to work off from! After a whole day sitting at the computer and going through stacks of paper, though, I’m also looking forward to doing things with my hands again: I need to make new distaffs, and that’s the plan for tomorrow!

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