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Things happening here.

Things happening here, in no particular order:

The cat is sleeping. Well, mostly – sometimes she wakes up and goes “meow”. Sometimes she wakes up and has an itchy ear, which results in something like this:


The first seeds from the surprise seed mix have sprouted, and it’s cress:


Also green, but a long way beyond being a seedling? My hippeastrum. It’s blooming.

And just in case you are wondering what I have been doing, apart from taking photos and annoying the cat by waking her with the camera click – I’ve been doing some weaving. Proof here:


That is silk and gold thread, and I can tell you right now that the warp is a nasty thing to handle – the silk and gold are quite, quite different in their elasticity, and the gold especially needs careful handling. I did test runs with the materials, but with a shorter, narrower warp, and it does not scale without trouble, so I had some figuring out of solutions to do (and there might have been “aaaargh” sounds along that way).

For now, though, it seems like I’ve found ways to compensate for the different takeup of the two materials, and should I ever do this again, I’ll definitely be smarter. Well, maybe. Hopefully.

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