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Random Stuff.

Random stuff, for you:

I have had hayfever for quite a few years now, and coming with it a (very slight) asthma. (Our cat’s asthma is much more severe…) So it was interesting to me to hear that today is World Asthma Day (is there something that there is no day for?). The day is intended to raise the awareness on asthma, initiated by the Global Initiative for Asthma. They have a website for that day, but it’s not very informative – in fact, it mostly seems to invite people to tell about their activities. Well.

Raising awareness is also the goal of the website of the Bee Conservation Trust. Though they focus on bumblebee species in the UK, there is interesting information for those on the continent (or elsewhere) as well.

The neverending story about the Musée des Tissus in Lyon is going on; now there was an article about some investor eyeing the two museum buildings, with some misinformation about the probable costs of renovating said buildings. You can read the update (in French) here.

And that’s it for today… now I’ll get back to preparing for the Nadelwelt fair this coming weekend!

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