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More spinning… but just for fun.

While I was at it, and the Zwirnzwerg was out, I finally finished spinning up that nice, dyed top that had been hanging out here for a good while. It was about 150 g altogether, which means it’s a rather generous amount for a pair of socks, but way too little for anything sweater-like. I have more than enough pairs of socks, though (the sock drawer is overflowing), and I also have more scarf- or shawl-like objects than I actually wear. Same goes for hats. Which means… sweater-like things are currently high on the list of stuff I’d like to knit.

So out came some of the Gotland sheep wool. There must be an upside to having different kinds of wool for sale, right? And obviously, from time to time, I have to check whether the quality is good and it spins nicely…

Well, I can tell you – it did. The fibre is really lovely, with a soft, silky feel to it, and the colour is ever so slightly variegated, since the grey effect is achieved by a mix of dark and white individual fibres. It looks very nice, and very chic all on its own.

So. Spinning took place, which means that after a while, I had this:


…which turns into something like this when plied together:


And that’s the current status. Which will not progress at all until tonight, when I will hopefully have a nice hour or two on the sofa, with the spinning dwarf in front of me, humming away quietly and turning these two singles into lovely, lovely yarn to knit with…

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