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Was lange währt…

The trusty online dictionary tells me that the English equivalent to the German “Was lange währt, wird endlich gut” is “Good things come to those who wait”. Which is a fancy way to tell you that finally, finally… the miniatures for the Space Cadets game are painted and varnished and matte-varnished.


I’ve had a lot of fun with them, and then I sort of fell into the trap of wanting to have them perfect, which meant that it was still fun, but a very long-term type of it. Also, some of them were really hard to paint with all the nooks and crannies, and tiny details. Which meant that I had to be relaxed and awake and fit enough for the painting, and there had to be enough light, and that was not always the case, especially not when there were lots of other things to do, so they took a bakcseat for a while, until I pulled them out again, and did some more work on them.

Then they were finished, and we did our research homework on how to seal them. The savvy Internet told us that a very good way would be to use glossy varnish as a first coat, as it’s more durable than matte varnish, and then use an anti-shine coat on top. Which means that if you handle them a lot, they will get shiny first, before there’s real damage to the paint – and you can just re-matte-coat them. (And that’s probably way, way over-engineered, but hey. Who cares, right?)

So we had the plan, we had the varnish, but what we did not have was the coincidence of a) decent and warm enough weather, b) no wind and c) time and leisure to actually apply the coats.

Until this weekend, when all came together and I could finally, finally finish them off. So here, after this wall of text, is your picture proof:


I’m quite happy with how they turned out – and now we can go and save the Earth as Space Cadets!

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