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Travel Stuff, now in more detail.

I like travelling. Well, up to a point – at some point, it does get tedious, and then I really love to be home again.

It’s made much nicer, though, by having stuff that I don’t want to be without with me, and some things are by now a no-brainer to stick into the bag. My own pillow, for instance. While I used to be able to sleep on about any pillow when I was little, at some point, this changed, and I’m now much more comfortable with my own little pillow to rest my head on. So that does accompany me.

Another thing is some stuff to amuse me, which usually boils down to knitting and an ebook reader (as that is easy to transport and offers a whole library). Finally, something for the yoga habit: my day starts with a bit of yoga, and so I take either a mat or a yoga towel or yoga paws, depending on the space I have and the willingness to carry stuff.

And then there’s the food and drink related things, like these:


If you have travelled with me, or seen me at a fair or other event, chances are high that this battered mug was there, too. It’s a Thermos King Tumbler mug, holds close to half a litre of drink, is absolutely spillproof when closed and keeps things hot forever. In most cases, baristas will fill it directly and thus save one disposable cup at a time, which is also nice. I usually call it “the world’s best thermos cup”. I also usually have my own cutlery plus a bit of salt (you never know when you need salt) and, most recent add-on to the essentials, the mini-immersion heater. Add a few bags of tea, and the world’s your oyster… because somehow, I really love to have a cup of tea in the evening when I’m alone in my room, getting ready for the night.

Anything you really, really need to have with you when you travel?

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2 Responses to Travel Stuff, now in more detail.

  1. I must travel with hand-embroidery, an E-reader and an empty spill-proof BPA plastic water bottle. Not so different than your own list, except I sneak in few mini-packets of Starbucks instant coffee, dark roast.

    • Katrin says:

      That’s really not so different. And I know quite a few people by now who take a few tea bags or sachets of instant coffee along, just in case…

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