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Things going on here.

Here, stuff is progressing. Coffee is being drunk.
I’m still hard at work on the Forum webpages, getting them into a nicer order and stuff on them easier to access. Putting more stuff in there, too – which means I might need to up my contract with my provider a notch, to have more space for the stuff.

I’m also trying to finalise a little survey about the Forum to see where we might be heading. I love the format of having one full week, and the combination of a lecture and some practical part, but it might pose too much of an initial hurdle to those not already straddling the line between theoretical or academic work and crafts practice and experience. I also have the suspicion that a full week is too long for quite a few people – so Sabine and I have talked it over, and Michael and I have, and we might do a bit of a change, this year or next, depending on how it goes.

The survey is not quite finished yet, but I hope to get it done and out and tested later today, and then it will be time for a newsletter and spreading it out, hopefully gaining a lot of insights. Ideally, I’ll also get the site done and polished before it goes out, but I think I might not, and I’d rather have more time for the survey than less – so it all depends on how productive I’ll be today. And possibly early tomorrow. So… I should get back on it, right?

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