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It has happened again (Part 4).

The inner bag is made from a bright green fleece fabric, consisting of a bottom circle and a fabric tube.


The upper rim of the tube has a stiff black band sewn onto it to keep it open. That whole thing was then stuck into the lion inside the foamed rubber tube, and secured to the bottom of the lion skin in the front and the back.

Then, a bit of the polywool filling went back in, at the front and at the sides of the little guy, to get him back into his rotundish shape.


As a final step, I sewed a band to the sides of the opening for easy carrying, and then stitched the fleece to the outer fabric in the front and to the pocket lining in the back. Two press buttons to close the top of the head when not in use as a bouldering bag, a bit of rubber string that helps the pocket lining to fold when closing the bag, and voilà – a very unique chalkbag:



When closed, it almost looks like before; the only difference is that the forehead is more receding now than it was originally – but that cannot be helped.

Can you tell I had a lot of fun making this?

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2 Responses to It has happened again (Part 4).

  1. Catherine Raymond says:

    Your lion is adorable, and I like the shade of green you have chosen for the inner lining.

    • Katrin says:

      Thank you!
      I’m also very happy with the lovely bright green – it was a bit of luck that this was available when I was hunting for suitable fleece.
      The piece was large enough, by the way, that the most patient husband of them all also got a buff out of it, to keep his ears and head warm in the current cold weather.

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