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Finger pricking.

If you’ve ever done a spinning demonstration, you will probably have heard the Sleeping Beauty question at least once. If I had a Euro for every time that I’ve heard it… well, I’d be a good bit richer than I am.

Especially for people who only know a (flyer) spinning wheel as handspinning tool, the question about where you could prick your finger is a vexing one. Then, when people see a hand-spindle, they sort of jump on the possibility that this could be The Thing! My usual reaction is to offer them a glass of beer and a band-aid if they manage to draw blood using my spindle. Up until now, nobody has taken me up on it…

A while ago, the question also came up on a German facebook group page that I’m in. I’m not on FB much, mind you – but occasionally I check stuff, and even more occasionally, something makes me feel the urge to write an answer. In that case, I did a short bit on the topic and put it on my website, and now I’ve finally translated it into English. So if you feel like reading a bit more about it, you can go here and check out The Sleeping Beauty Question. And of course, please feel free to link to this if the question pops up in your bit of the internet, and you think it would be helpful!

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2 Responses to Finger pricking.

  1. Miriam says:

    In old versions of the story, she gets a splinter in her finger from ‘pricking’ it. The prince does not wake her with a kiss, he rapes her in her sleep. She is woken after she gives birth to twins and one of the children, trying to find his mother’s milk, instead finds her fingertip and sucks on it, removing the splinter…

    Yeah, old versions of fairytales are nasty.

    • Katrin says:

      So they are. Not intended for children… or, well, very useful in showing the young ones how the world works.

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