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Getting back on track.

As usually when I’ve been away for a few days, there is plenty of things stacking up that need to be de-stacked and processed and done and so on. So I’m trying to get back on track, whittling the mails down to the usual stack sitting in the inbox (where everything sits that still needs some action), plus all the usual suspects of ton the to-do list.

Also there’s a private lesson to be given this afternoon, which I’m looking forward to – but which I also have to prepare. So instead of something dep and interesting and whatnot, you are getting a picture of the Bernuthsfeld man’s reconstruction legwrap, during the process of giving it the holes and patch that it has on the original:


It’s actually not that easy to fake usewear traces. Holes are rather easy, but as soon as you are trying to have different usewear patterns, it really does get more complicated.

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