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Things going on.

Things currently going on here: Writing, and researching, and reading.

I found that I’ve not done proper, longer research on a topic for quite a while, and it actually took me a bit to get back into it – especially back into the mindframe necessary. Also, there’s reading and reading and not necessarily real results from what you are reading, as it might not have the information needed, or goes off on a tangent, or…

So just like making textiles takes time, and sometimes more than expected (or, well, usually), with a lot of the work in the preparation, the very same is true for researching things and writing articles. And just like making a textile, the prep work remains rather invisible for most people, even though it is crucial, and can be really, really time-consuming.

That all said, I’ll return to my reading and writing and thinking, after sharing with you my bonus insight for the day:

If you are parceling out wool and take out stray bits of vegetable matter and put those bits right next to your coffee cup, one of them might end up inside it, making for a nice little wake-me-up spike of adrenaline when it tickles your tongue. I cannot recommend this as a coffee enhancer, though.

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