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It happened again, or: Third time’s the charm.

You might remember my “accidentally” turning a plushy toy rat into a chalkbag for bouldering? Followed by the lion plushy?

The lion plushy was actually transformed using several bits and pieces I had already bought for another transformation project – because obviously, at some point, the Most Patient Husband of them All also needed a fancy chalkbag. And by pure chance, I had discovered just the perfect base for this: A handbag from a costume/carneval shop. In form of a little dragon.


There was still quite a bit of stuff to do for the transformation, though. First of all, it needed removal of some of the stuffing, and alternative stiffening with strips of bendy plastic (intended to be used for corsets or crinolines). There was also the always-lovely and never fiddly task (hah!) of putting in a zipper so the dragon’s tail could serve as a bag for holding a few small items.


The original handle was too short and too stiff, so it would have been in he way. Luckily it was also rather wide, so I could take it apart and re-stitch it in half the width and double the length.


Putting in the stiffening band at the top was the fiddliest part, and required a bent needle at the end. I was lucky in finding a nice gold tape to cover the plastic ring, matching the sparkly print of the original rim (and the tail and neck crests).

Next was the fleece liner…


…and the rest will follow tomorrow.

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One Response to It happened again, or: Third time’s the charm.

  1. Bruce says:

    Keep an eye open around construction sites and building supply warehouses for a cheap (free) source of stiffening in the dump bins or just lying about. The stuff they use to bundle wood and pipes (and all sorts of similar goods) comes in plastic and metal, the metal is sometimes painted and sometimes just ‘blued’ to stop rust – if it hasn’t been stored outside for a long time the metal strips will be rust free and can be used for quick projects like skirt hoops or bodice boning, and if you give it an extra coat of suitable spray paint it is good for more permanent projects. The plastic version comes in a couple of thicknesses & widths, most is only suitable for light duty such as children’s costumes or stuffed toys (not as strong as what your dragon uses).

    Around here it is commonly called ‘Band It tape’ – when I first heard it referenced I though they meant ‘Bandit’ (thief) tape – it used to be commonly used by car thieves to open doors before fully integrated electronic locks on cars became common.

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