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Third time’s the charm, continued.

The Making of the Dragon Chalkbag, continued:


The fleece lining was finished off on top with a band to give it a proper rim, and to make a twist-closure possible. A magnetic clasp, covered with the last leftover bit from the original carrying strap, holds the closure in place.


To round it all off, the little dragon got a loop beneath one paw to hold a brush…


and a small clip hidden in the other one to hold on to papers, cards, or whatever might be there to hold on.


And now he’s happy to take a ride in a bike pannier bag twice a week to hang out with his friend Ratthäus on the mats…


…where he is getting a lot of attention!

(And makes it easy for me to find my husband if we’ve split up for a bit. Just look for the little dragon.)

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