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…and the living is easy…

I really like this song. I also like summer (though now the best part of summer, the holidays and summer break, are over, and it’s back to work for me). What I don’t like, at all, is the time switch to summertime and back. It’s stupid, it’s annoying, and it always takes me a considerable chunk of time to adjust to the new time, making me less productive than usual for a few days at least, more like a week.

So you can probably imagine my delight at finding there’s an EU survey going on about what citizens think of the summertime/wintertime switching, and whether it should be abolished or not. The survey is still running for a few more days, until August 16, and you can send in your opinion via the questionnaire here.

And now I’m hoping enough people will chime in and ask for this stupid time switching to be stopped once and for all!

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