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Back home, and the usual.

I’m back home, and as usually after a fair, today was spent puttering around cleaning, re-ordering and putting things away. With most of the stock loaded into the car, after-fair-time is the perfect time to give the storage areas the once-over, or to use the temporary extra space to get some sorting of other things done – and this is what happened today. Together with some drinking of coffee, of course, and some time taken off to relax.
Now there’s the rest of things to be brought in from the car, getting the re-orders finished, and then it is the return to peace, quiet, and the stack of other things – such as prep for the next Textile Forum!

The fair was wonderful, by the way, with absolutely splendid weather and lots and lots of nice people who stopped by for a chat. There were lots and lots of spinners around, many of whom did demonstrations, so the “Fummelkasten” with my fibre samples could enjoy a good number of questing hands.

This was my place in Haus Ewersbach, by the way:

Plenty of space for all my things, lots of light (including lighting for my storage area behind the curtains) and, also important for someone on her own behind the sales tables – a toilet very close by!

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