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It’s the ass of the dog…

… that’s appearing on this band.


Some more things have fallen into place, and I’ve invented some more mnemonic rhymes that are more or less silly, but all very helpful for me.

Now there’s only (hah!) the torso and front paws and head to weave, and I will have a doggy on my band. Making the hind paws was exciting, especially the first one, and I was very proud to have gotten the distance to the second leg large enough. Which, on retrospective, would have been very hard not to – due to the structural rules when weaving. Anyways, it was a lot of fun up until now, and a very exhilarating feeling of “oh my goodness this all works as it’s supposed to!” which is a nice change from “oh my goodness I’ve gotten totally muddled and this may look pink but it’s all in the wrong direction and I’m out of the rhythm so I need to fudge this and hope it won’t be too obvious”.

So… half a dog done, half to go. Though I should probably also take care of some other things…

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